Mambo Panties and Other Stories

Of Hulsey County, Texas

Short Stories
Written and Read
Tom Doyal

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1. Author's Greeting 00:20 Free  
2. Housekeeping Kit 14:11 $2.00  
3. Uncle Norvel Remembers Gandhi 08:06 $2.00  
4. Suppressing the Grief Response 16:53 $2.00  
5. Mambo Panties 10:00 $2.00  
6. Jesus Christ, Secret Agent 13:29 $2.00
7. The Gospel Truth About Leta Mae Jennings 02:45 $2.00  
8. Transformed by Marriage 08:44 $2.00  
9. A Blue Dress for Gloria 17:44 $2.00  
10. An 8th Grade Book 17:49 $2.00  
11. Aunt Eudie 17:55 $2.00  
12. Billie's Tavern 18:00 $2.00  
13. Correspondent 18:03 $2.00  
14. Hello Mother 18:04 $2.00  
15. King of the Kar Kwik Number 7 18:10 $2.00  
16.Men of Quality 18:12 $2.00  
17. Sick Day 18:15 $2.00  
18. The Gift of Prophecy 18:18 $2.00  
19. The entire Collection   $32.00  

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