Mambo Panties and Other Stories

Of Hulsey County, Texas

Short Stories
Written and Read
Tom Doyal

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Listen to Author's Greeting
1. Author's Greeting

2. Housekeeping Kit

3. Uncle Norvel Remembers Gandhi

4. Suppressing the Grief Response

5. Mambo Panties

6. Jesus Christ Secret Agent

7. The Gospel Truth About Leta Mae Jennings

8. Transformed by Marriage









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What Others Have Said
Husley County Image From: Mary Willis Walker
Author and Winner of the Edgar Award,
The Hammett Award, and the Agatha Award

"Here is the perfect entertainment - Tom Doyal reading his Mambo Panties and Other Stories of Hulsey County, Texas. Yes, the stories are very funny, but also sweet and sad and smart, and they are told in the richest, twangiest, Texas idiom."

From: Clay Smith
Literary Director,
Texas Book Festival

"Those of us who have heard Tom Doyal perform his alternately hilarious and poignant stories have felt too long like members of a giddy but too small cult. We have been looking for an effective way to let the world know about Tom Doyal's vibrant, boisterous talent. Now his stories are online, and read by him, and it's easy to tell that he is a writer whose affection for his hardscrabble subject matter is boundless, contagious, and true to the patch of earth he knows so much about."

From: Tonita Rutherford
Late mother of author Tom Doyal

"Tom, why didn't you write those Harry Potter books?"

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